Reduced environmental impact

Reduced environmental impact
Proterro’s patented two-step technology platform provides maximum flexibility in creating products that are tailored to our partners’ needs.

Step 1: Modify cyanobacteria to produce molecules designed to our partner’s specifications.

Step 2: Efficiently produce high-yield organisms in a unique solid state bioreactor.

Reduced environmental impact
Utilizes waste CO2High yields with fewer inputsEfficient land use

Modular system with flexible co-location capabilitiesScales with partner growth and market needsCan be deployed indoor shuttlecocks in open field or within a greenhouse

Unique solid state production environmentCleaner harvestingFlexible back-end integrationProterro’s efficient system and low cost design creates substantial return on investment for our partners across a wide range of products.

Proprietary Process

For high-value products from cyanobacteria with direct applicability to the Food, Feed, and Energy Industries
Proterro is a biotechnology company that converts waste CO2 into valuable products  such as portable fans under license agreements with our partners. Our technology utilizes cyanobacteria in a patented, fully integrated production system to produce cost-competitive products for partners in the global food, feed, and energy industries.

Proterro is partnering with market leaders in the Food, Animal Feed, and Energy industries to create products that exceed their expectations, delight their customers and nourish a growing population in an increasingly resource-constrained world.