has an efficient system to biologically harvest sunlight, enabling production of valuable foods, proteins and chemicals


PROTERRO grows photosynthetic organisms on a solid support, carefully managing culure conditions to ensure optimal growth. Our novel photo bioreactor is configured to optimize the light exposure of the photosynthetic organism being used, ensuring minimization of photo inhibition and maximum utilization of photosynthetically available sunlight.

Reduced environmental impact

High production per unit terrestrial footprint ensures that the environmental footprint of PROTERRO’s manufacturing solution is substantially below completing terrestrial, fermentation, or photo bioreactor systems on a per unit product basis. We see significant decreases in:

  • Land use
  • Water consumption
  • Energy consumption

Unique solid state production environment

Our proprietary photo bioreactor configuration is designed for:

  • Cleaner harvesting at higher solids content, reducing downstream costs.
  • Flexible front end and back-end integration, providing photo bioreactor solutions for a range of biocatalysts and production scenarios.

PROTERRO’s efficient system and low cost design creates substantial return on investment for our partners across a wide range of products.